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Team Volunteer Job Descriptions

Welcome to AYSO Region 84!  You have just volunteered for one of the important positions in the region. We wish to thank you for the time and effort you have committed in order to make this season enjoyable for your team. Every player should have a family member volunteering for the team. This is the expectation and is how AYSO can provide soccer for all.

The Team Manager is a crucial member of the team, off-loading many duties from the coach so he/she can focus on the players. Although responsibilities may vary for each league, here are some general guidelines to help you with this new position.


  • Create a team roster to facilitate communication between the coach and the parents
  • Create a snack schedule for the games. Half-time snacks should be nutritious. Orange slices and bananas are great snacks to keep the players energy going. Be sure to bring a trash bag to pick-up trash
  • Distributing practice and game schedules to the parents
  • Communicate changes in practice games/times and any cancellations. Some coaches may prefer to do this themselves
  • Coordinating a team gift for the coach(es) at the end of the season.
  • Arrange an end-of-season party. It is important to celebrate the team and each individual at the end of the season. This could be held at a local pizza place, someone’s home or even a picnic at the field after the last game. Share the responsibilities for this task. Ask parents to help with the food and drinks. Ask the coach to have a few encouraging words prepared to say about each player and about the team

The team’s Field Volunteer helps the with their assigned date(s) of field set-up and/or take-down.


  • Receive your team’s assigned field duty dates from your coach or program manager
  • Communicate with your coach where to pick-up the field equipment needed for set-up and or take-down
  • Field set-up duties can vary by division, but will need to have the field re-painted and other equipment (flags/goals/anchors) in place prior to the first game of the day.
  • Field take-down duties can vary by division, but all equipment after the end of the last game of the day needs to be collected from the field and returned to the designated home/location of the equipment storage.
  • Children are NOT to be handling the field painting duties!

The team’s Photo Day volunteer helps relieve this task from the coaches and team manager.


  • Attend Photo Day Meeting (approx. 40 min) in early September to learn more about Photo Day, receive your team’s Photo Packets and scheduled Photo Time.
  • Prior to Photo Day, inform the parents of your team of the photo day information, and disseminate their photo packets. Be sure to COLLECT each players photo packets back from their parents prior to Photo Day.
  • On Photo Day, be your team’s representative to “check-in” your team, and organize your players prior to photos, and then coordinate the parents while the players go take their individual and team photos.

This is an optional position and additional expense for the players/parents of your team.


  • This volunteer collects money from the parents of the team and orders the team banner.
  • When ordering the banner for production, ensure that the players name and number are BOTH NOT displayed on the banner for safety reasons. ONLY the players name OR jersey number may be displayed on the team banner.  If the team acquired a regional sponsor, be sure to add the sponsors name to the team banner as well.
  • Responsible to bring the banner to each game and sets it up for display on the sidelines during the match.

The team’s Sponsorship volunteer helps to regional sponsor (vendor/business) to provide a financial donation to assist the region in providing soccer opportunities to the youth in the community. This is also a tax-deductible opportunity for the sponsor.


  • Obtain the AYSO Region 84 Sponsorship form from either the teams coach or from the regions website at
  • Communicate with teams parents if one of them has local business or employer that would be interested in being a sponsor for AYSO Region 84. Minimum sponsorship is $100 donation.
  • Seek regional sponsor from other local business in and around Mission Viejo.
  • Commonly, the teams sponsor will have their business/company NAME added on the team’s banner. However, this cannot be displayed without the sponsorship payment to the region.
  • Fill-out Sponsorship form and collect a check from the sponsor, made payable to “AYSO Region 84”. Either mail-in the form and payment to address on the form OR bring to Photo Day.
  • Close to the end of the season, a sponsorship plaque will be made available for pick-up for the sponsorship volunteer to deliver to their teams sponsor.
  • Multiple regional sponsors are welcome from each team.

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