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Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my child get on the waitlist during the registration window?

Region 84 has a registration window for each soccer season. For the fall season, the registration window is typically April 1 through June 30; for spring season, November 1 through December 31. However, even during that registration window, some divisions may hit their “player cap” and go to waitlist only. Some ask why we do this.

The answer is simple: we set player caps on our divisions primarily so that we can ensure that we have enough volunteer coaches for the players that register and pay (sometimes, the caps will also be based on how many teams our fields can accommodate). In an ideal world, we would always have enough volunteer coaches for all the kids that want to play. It doesn’t always work out that way, so we set player caps on divisions and then once that cap has been reached, we open up the waitlist and hope that more volunteer coaches step up so we can activate as many as possible, or all of those kids, from the waitlist.

How do you decide the “player cap” for a division before a division goes to waitlist only?

First, we take the number of head coaches we know or anticipate will be coaching this upcoming season (let’s say, for example we know/anticipate 7 head coaches for the G12U division), and multiple that number by the max roster size for a team in that division (for the G12U division, the max roster size is 12). So, we would set the cap at 96 players (7 known/anticipated head coaches x 12 max roster size). After 96 players have registered and paid for the G12U division, anyone else registering would get on the waitlist.

Do I have to pay to get on the waitlist?

No. Getting on the waitlist is free. If and when you get activated from the waitlist would you then have to pay the registration fee. And, as you’ll see below, it benefits you to get on the waitlist as early as possible since we typically activate kids from the waitlist in the order they got on the waitlist (except if you have a family member willing to coach).

How do players get activated from the waitlist?

There are a couple different scenarios:

1. If a registered player decides to drop for any reason, we will cancel that player's registration and activate a player from the waitlist in the order they got on the waitlist to take the open spot.

2. If a player on the waitlist has a family member willing to volunteer head coach a team (including getting coach certified to the extent they are not already), we will typically be able to activate that player regardless of their order on the waitlist. When parents of waitlisted players volunteer to head coach a team, it not only allows us to activate that player, it allows us to activate enough players to form a full team. So, for example, let’s say Sally is 20th on the G12U waitlist. Sally’s dad, Franco, decides he is willing to get certified and coach a G12U team. Sally will automatically get activated from the waitlist, and we will also be able to activate 11 other players from the G12U waitlist in the order they got on the waitlist.

To whom do I contact if I have a player on the waitlist and I’m willing to head coach a team?

Please reach out to the Registrar of the relevant division: 
• 4U-8U                  [email protected] 
• 9U-14U                [email protected]  
• 16U-19U              [email protected]  

How will I know if and when I get activated from the waitlist?

Once the Registrar activates you from the waitlist, you will get an email from our registration system notifying you that your player has been activated from the waitlist and information about how to complete the registration process.

What do I do once I’m activated from the waitlist?

Once activated from the waitlist, you will need to log back on your Region 84 account at and make the registration payment for the season. You will have 48 hours to complete the registration by making payment, or we will cancel the registration and activate the next player in the queue.

Important note: when your player has been activated from the waitlist, DO NOT go to the shopping cart to make payment. Instead, go to your main “My Account” page, scroll down until you see the "Open Balance” window (see screenshot below), and click on the “View/Pay” link to make payment and finalize the registration process.

After you click on "View/Pay," it may take you to your My Orders screen, at which point click on [Pay] underneath "Pending" in the Status Column.  That should take you to the check-out screen where you'll enter your credit card details.

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