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Coaching Administrator - Mike Hernandez

A coach can be the most influential person in a child’s life. In AYSO, Positive Coaching (AYSO Six Tenets) is a fundamental philosophy because of the crucial role that a coach has. Coaching in AYSO is a chance to spend quality time with your own child and you’ll also serve as an important role model for all the children on your team. In fact, the joy of coaching is so meaningful that many AYSO coaches continue coaching long after their own children have moved on from AYSO. Soccer knowledge is a plus, but AYSO provides age appropriate training and materials so that even a soccer novice can coach effectively by starting in the younger age divisions. Being a coach involves skills you probably already have in addition to specific soccer knowledge. If you are uncertain, try being an assistant coach. The Regional Coach Administrator will be happy to match you up with a coach that has a little more experience.

All coaches must be AYSO registered volunteers, safe haven (Online) and age appropriately certified. To register as a volunteer you must complete the online volunteer application at www.eayso.org.  Once you are registerd you can sign up for a training class through the www.eayso.org web site.  Click for additional information regarding coach training.

Academy 84 is an innovative coaching program developed by the Region 84 Coaching Staff designed to support both new and seasoned coaches. Sessions are held periodically throughout the season at World Cup Fields, with each session targeting a particular skill set, such as passing, dribbling and first touch. Sessions are interactive, and run in a format similar to a regular soccer practice. Active participation by coaches is encouraged – this is not a classroom setting, but actual field work with participation in drills. The dates and times of the sessions will be posted on the website. In addition Academy 84 offers mentoring programs to coaches who would like some additional one on one assistance.

For additional details on Academy 84 or Coach Mentoring, contact the Coaching Administrator at coach@ayso84.org