AYSO Region 84
  Mission Viejo, CA

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Referee Administrator - Jeremy Howes

Game Cards

  • Obtain one from each coach and have the Asst Referees clearly mark the players not playing for the respective quarters
  • All players should be playing 3 quarters
  • If a player is sitting out for 2 quarters (or more), ask "Coach, player XX is sitting out 2 quarters, is that correct?"
  • Determine if this due to injury, sickness, late arrival or if the child or parent desires it. Clearly mark the game card for one of these reasons; if the parent or child requests it, have the parent sign the game card.
  • Do NOT enforce the 3 quarter playing requirement; Regional Mgmt will address it after it's been reported.
  • Ensure all uniformed Referees clearly report their name and Team # they're representing so that Volunteer Points can be recorded
  • Have the coaches initial the game card
  • Put the completed game cards in the mailbox at the field

Team Check-in

  • Perform a safety check to ensure all players have:
  • Shin guards (if they don't have = they don't play)
  • Removed all visible jewelry
  • Acceptable shoes
  • Keep the check-in very brief; a suggested line is "Play the ball, play the whistle, have any questions?
  • Politely remind coaches the substitution breaks should take less than 2 minutes and are not a coaching session. The clock runs on the substitution breaks.
  • Do not say what you will and will not call when it comes to Referee interpretation = gives you more options if needed


  • Always conduct a pre-game consult with your Asst Referees and explain what you want them responsible for. Asst Referees who are not certified (a Regional badge or higher) should only call the ball in and out of bounds (No Offside or Fouls)
  • Use your Asst Referees to involve them in the game and to make your job as the Center easier by:
  • Let them call in and out bounds in their quadrant of the field; do not mirror their direction calls
  • Make frequent eye contact with them and recognize their efforts

Player Substitutions

  • Call for substitutions about halfway thru each half at a stoppage in play. The preferred points are:
  • Throw-in
  • Goal Kick
  • Kick off
  • The substitution process should take about 2 mins or less
  • The clock runs during the substitutions

Sideline Behavior Guidelines

  • Coaches should be positive and encouraging at all times and remain within 10 yards of either side of the Halfway line.
  • Coaches are responsible for the positive behavior of the parents/spectators on their side.
  • Should sideline behavior not be positive and encouraging, politely invite the coach onto the field and ask for their support with this. Keep it very brief and to the point and get the game re-started.
  • Questioning of Referee calls/non-calls is not allowable
  • Should non-positive behavior persist, invite the coach onto the field again and reiterate compliance. Inform them non-compliance may require the person(s) to leave the field at the Referee's discretion.
  • Inform the Regional Referee Administrator of all game sideline behavior situations beyond the first incident

Referee Game Positioning

Center Referee

  • Should be within about 10 yards of play (using a bungee cord approach). This will require running at varying speeds to effectively do this.
  • Bracket play between you and your Asst Referees whenever possible

Assistant Referees

  • Stay even with the 2nd to last defender or the ball in your half of the field. This will require running.
  • Carry the flag on the field side (may require switching hands)
  • Hold your stationary position with your flag up if an Offside violation has occurred. Do not move unless the Center Referee waves off your flag or the ball has been moved back up field by defense.