AYSO Region 84

  Mission Viejo, California

P.O. Box 6080-178, MV, CA 92690 -  Login
EXTRA Play Program Manager - Jim McCarthy

Extra Play Rosters

The following players have been selected to represent Region 84 for the 2013 Extra Play season. Coaches and members of the Player Selection Committee have been instructed not to provide any info regarding final roster selections. All questions regarding the player evaluation and selection process should be directed to the Extra Play Program Manager (extraplay@ayso84.org).


Head Coach: Debra Rosen

Salam Aboul Hosn
James Ballard
Damian Berg
Brandon Fink
Ethan Honda
Mark Hopkins
Gabriel Huttenhoff
Nathan Krasner
Matthew Le
Howard (Madou) Moore
Ryan Nopper
Garrett Rosenr